About the Education Team

The SmartBrief Education Team provides posts from leading education thought leaders in social media including administrators, teachers, parents, students, scholars and learners. We try to offer an objective view on the direction of education from an educator’s perspective, while taking into account the pedagogies, methods, and tools for learning available to educators today. We will also offer posts on products and their effect on the classroom of today.

Melissa Greenwood — Senior Editor: Melissa Greenwood is SmartBrief’s senior education editor, with responsibility for the content in a variety of SmartBrief’s education e-news briefs. She also manages content for SmartBlog on Education and related social media channels. Prior to joining SmartBrief, Melissa held a variety of positions in the education field, including classroom teacher and education editor and writer.

Joseph Riddle — Publisher: Joe launched SmartBrief’s education business more than 10 years ago. He claims to have the Best Job in Education, because he gets to interact daily with the brightest minds in the field: including teachers, trainers, vendors, and policy experts. Follow him on Twitter @josephriddle13.