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M.I.T. economist dissects financial innovation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist Alp Simsek has published a new paper that challenges the view that financial innovation reduces risk. “Financial innovation might be good for other reasons, but this general kind of belief that it reduces the risks in the economy is not right,” Simsek explains.[…] Continue Reading »

One question I hear from executives is this: How can I tell if people want to follow me?

The answer to that question lies in your example. The way you communicate, challenge, plan and evaluate. Here are five questions to ask yourself to check if you are on track.[…] Continue Reading »

Difficult people. Ah, one of my favorite topics about some of my least favorite people.

You know whom we’re talking about. They’re the high-maintenance ones who are easy to upset and difficult to please, who take everything personally, who whine, blame, complain, make excuses, feel sorry for themselves and where just the mention of their name causes you to have a knot in your stomach and walk on eggshells (aka their “thin skins”) around them.[…] Continue Reading »

For many educators and students a new school year is underway or about to begin, and along with it come new goals and updated plans for the use of education technology to help educators share best practices and improve student learning.

Last week, we polled SmartBrief on EdTech readers about their plans for using technology in the new school year.[…] Continue Reading »

On Wednesday, I asked readers of SmartBrief on Leadership the following question in our daily e-mail newsletter:

How many direct reports do you have?

  • 7 or more: 30.83%
  • 1-3: 24.90%
  • 4-6: 23.72%
  • Zero: 20.55%

How many is too many? This poll serves only as a first inquiry into the work lives of managers, but we at least know that nearly 80% of respondents are responsible for managing at least one person at their job.[…] Continue Reading »