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The U.S. and China lead the world in energy consumption, according to an interactive story map from Esri, with the U.S. consuming more than 3,886 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in 2010 and China consuming more than 3,633 billion. The countries also produced the most electricity from renewable sources.

In 2010, the U.S. produced more than 427 billion kilowatt hours from renewable sources, and while that number makes the country a leader in renewable electricity, it accounted for only 10.4% of all the electricity produced in the U.S.[…] Continue Reading »

I recently wrote an article (login required) for Business Law Currents, a Thompson Reuters publication, that laid out the top dozen issues parties to a prospective joint venture need to consider before investing the time and resources necessary to achieve the expected benefits of collaboration.

The discussions surrounding each of those issues are important in establishing the overall goals and objectives of the JV and the framework for implementation.[…] Continue Reading »

If you manage a social media page for an alcoholic beverage, your job just became a little more demanding. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, known as the TTB, now considers social media posts a form of advertising:

“Because TTB considers industry member fan pages for alcohol beverages to be advertisements, all mandatory statements required by the regulations (in §§ 4.62, 5.63, and 7.52) must be included on them.[…] Continue Reading »

In a recent survey, readers of SmartBrief on EdTech expressed their support for the Obama administration’s goal to expand high-speed Internet in the nation’s schools over the next five years.

More than 75% responded that they support the initiative, while about 9% said the goal may be out of reach and another 15% felt there are more pressing issues to deal with in education.[…] Continue Reading »

If we hold personalized learning in such high regard, why shouldn’t we apply it to our professional conference experience as well? Are we not attending these conferences to learn? I attend more conferences than most educators, and I try to enjoy each to the fullest. I also have an advantage over many educators attending these conferences in that I am a “connected educator.” I use Twitter, LinkedIn and many education Ning communities to reach out and connect with educators before a conference begins.[…] Continue Reading »