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When Esri acquired location-based services firm Geoloqi in 2012, one of the most critical aspects of the deal was that the management team, including co-founder Amber Case, would remain in place to lead the new entity: Esri R&D Center – Portland. SmartBrief sat down with Case recently and asked her more about her management style.

Culture is obviously important for a startup, so what is your approach talent acquisition?[…] Continue Reading »

What do, Foot Locker, Disney, Whole Foods and Knowledge Universe U.S. have in common? A commitment to success through corporate philosophies that emphasize the value of satisfied employees and customers, and the importance of the long term over the short term, according to C-suite leaders on Monday at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

The session, “Value and Values: Building a High-Performance Company,” was a relatively rare showcase for the value of corporate social responsibility, or CSR, from the perspective of the C-suite.[…] Continue Reading »

In the effort of achieving perfection, every leader faces a temptation to project a persona rather than be themselves. They think that in order to maintain the confidence of their team, they must appear faultless, flawless, and ever wise. Yet most organizations do not need a perfect leader; they need an authentic one.

We live in a world of fakes.[…] Continue Reading »

I took my first global management job seven years ago. I had grown up in the Midwest and graduated from a Big Ten university. With the exception of living in Japan right out of college, my work experience was almost exclusively with North American companies. I had a lot to learn fast.

Happily, the last seven years have been the best of my career in part because of our global operating environment.[…] Continue Reading »

When the federal government froze minimum wage for tipped workers at $2.13 per hour in 1996, the wage amounted to half the federal minimum wage for non-tipped workers. Tips were supposed to make up the difference and, if they didn’t, the law required companies to do so. Since then, that $2.13 per hour has fallen to 29% of the minimum wage.[…] Continue Reading »