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Managers and team leaders should know better than anyone the value of change agents within an organization. They are the “entrepreneurs” within your company, they are the drivers of organic growth, and they make great leaders. Because of this coveted capability, if they aren’t given room to build and grow within a company, it’s easy for them to take their talents elsewhere.[…] Continue Reading »

Do you trust the people who report to you?

That question is not just about right versus wrong. It’s also about competence versus incompetence. Sometimes managers let things slide because they “trust” their employees will perform.

Trust is a bond between individuals or between teams and their supervisors. It can never be expected, nor imposed. It is earned through example and reinforced through success as well as recognition.[…] Continue Reading »

Mobile phone battery life is a precious commodity. Consumers crave more and more cool applications for their phones, but those apps can drain the battery and cut off a lifeline to the world as they know it.

App developers are well aware of the limitations of mobile phone batteries. For years, the development of incredible apps that offer location-based services has been stunted by one seemingly insurmountable hurdle: battery drain.[…] Continue Reading »

This article is Part 1 of a four-part series. Check out Part 2, which features a deeper look at making content searchable; Part 3, which looks at creating snackable content; and Part 4, which delves into what makes content shareable.

As the consumer becomes more accustomed to immediate access to information, marketers are faced with a mounting challenge: how to capture attention and improve engagement.[…] Continue Reading »

We all have those days! Those days when the students arrive with no energy or interest in whatever it is that you have planned. Whether they are tired or hungry, bored and apathetic, they simply want to literally or figuratively put their heads on the desk and zone out. Those are the days when we need all of our own energy and passion for learning and for them as students to kick in, taking what we know about pre-teens and teens and putting it into action.[…] Continue Reading »