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The value of employee empowerment is important to sustaining a successful organization — true. But how can a leader create a platform of engagement that facilitates empowerment? Command and control management is out, and in its place lie “track and trust” leadership. Leaders who grasp this change have a clear advantage over leaders who don’t when it comes to employee engagement and employee development.[…] Continue Reading »

Entrepreneurial activity among men and women is most equal in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2012 Global Report released this month. The report also identified the region as one of the most fertile when it comes to entrepreneurial activity.

According to the report, Zambia posted the highest rate for total entrepreneurial activity at 27%.[…] Continue Reading »

So what is it about job burnout that can kill you?

I was recently on a flight sitting next to an executive for a top-ranked health care company. We were having a nice conversation, and then she disclosed something that shocked me. She was 51 and had survived two heart attacks.

She’d never smoked and didn’t have a litany of medical issues but did have plenty of work stress in her life, and she was admittedly burned out.[…] Continue Reading »

The words “isolated” and “fragmented” have no place in social media. That’s the reason General Mills knew it needed to bring together its brands, which were “doing their own thing” in the social sphere, and stop letting agencies manage brand communities. To do it, the company needed community-engagement managers to bring ownership, accountability and real involvement to the company’s social media platforms.[…] Continue Reading »

SmartBrief education editors are attending FETC 2013 this week in Orlando, Fla. Here’s a look at some cool, new tech tools that experts — eduTecher founder Adam Bellow, Leslie Fisher of, John Kuglin of Kuglin Consulting and educational technologist Kathy Schrock — highlighted during the pre-keynote session Technology Smackdown 2013.

1. Popcorn Maker allows users to infuse Web content, video and pop-ups into an image, creating dynamic, interactive images.[…] Continue Reading »