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Ready for a quirky admission: I read Gawker, the slightly tawdry, pseudo-news site with the subtitle, “Today’s Gossip is Tomorrow’s News,” almost every night.

I know. I know. Gawker is nothing more than reality TV for the Web, and I’m probably frying brain cells every time that I waste my time there.

But a few weeks back, I stumbled across an article that actually has me thinking about our nation’s efforts to recruit and retain teachers.[…] Continue Reading »

With women comprising almost 50% of the workforce and attaining almost 70% of the advanced degrees in this country, they aren’t just influencing the workplace — they’re shaping it. This is good news.

Women can bring a different sensibility to work. They arrive ready to participate, eager to be part of a team, wired to care about the company’s product or service.[…] Continue Reading »

The only place I can buy shoes in my size is the United States of America. Sounds crazy, I know, but we don’t have large-size shoes in stores back home in India. But what do large shoes have to do with your social media brand-advocacy program? Everything!

Brand advocates and social media

Do social media and brand advocacy sound like strange bedfellows?[…] Continue Reading »

As part of my work this year, I’m trying to unpack and illustrate the idea of the needs-fulfilling classroom.

The needs-fulfilling classroom is a place in which both the teacher and students feel empowered to learn together and from one another. It is an inquiry-driven place. Students follow their own curiosities into content, and teachers follow their students into learning.[…] Continue Reading »

As the year ends, many people make their annual contributions to their favorite charities. The average American donates $298 in cash each year to charities, according to Esri, world’s leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Types of charities include animal welfare, disease cures and post-disaster assistance. Educational charities receive $100, on average, from Americans who donate. Religious charities benefit the most, receiving $915 annually, on average.[…] Continue Reading »