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Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and others join the Harvard Business Review to discuss the biggest threat to U.S. competitiveness. Pandit: “Globalization is both a wonderful opportunity and a big threat. … One of the things I see is that there is a competition for jobs. Every country around the world is trying to figure out how to create more jobs for its own people. We’re going to have to figure out how to compete with that.”

And more from Paulson on CNBC as he compares and contrasts the economic crisis in Greece and Lehman Brothers Holdings’ bankruptcy: “The one thing that we should take away from Lehman Bros. is you don’t want a big, systemic institution to fail in a messy way, and you clearly don’t want that with a member state.”

Former central bank governors of Argentina and Mexico write from experience in The Economist on the reason Greece should remain part of the eurozone: “The proponents of a euro-zone exit for Greece grossly underestimate its devastating consequences. (read more…)

Ten tips to keep your cool at the office; four errors that can keep your employees from reaching their goals; and how to have a great relationship with your workers.

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A collection of opinion and analysis pieces from the past week …

The Wall Street Journal weighs in — with a full dose of sarcasm — on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s move to reform the money market mutual fund industry: “Alert the videographers at National Geographic. A rare species has been sighted inhabiting the monuments of Washington, D.C. It appears that a federal financial regulator is about to propose taxpayer-friendly reform despite fierce industry lobbying.”

Steven Rattner writes in the Financial Times that talk of “capitalism in crisis” should really focus on regulatory failings: “So we must press on with fixing capitalism. My vote is that we devote equal attention to the public sector apparatus as to business.”

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, details in Politico the “Penny Plan” legislation she co-sponsored: “The Penny Plan is not based on any political ideology but, rather, on the everyday common sense in every American home. (read more…)

How bad leadership leads to dysfunctional organizations; how to give someone the ax without looking like a fool; and a treasure hunter finds $3 billion booty.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief for CFOs:

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IACPM Chairman Derek SaundersWith an eye on what lies ahead for the industry, SmartBrief editor Sean McMahon conducted an e-mail interview with International Association of Credit Portfolio Managers Chairman Derek Saunders. Saunders is the global head of portfolio management at HSBC Holdings, and he shared his insight. This interview has been edited for clarity.

What are some of the trends you see developing in international credit markets in the next year? How do you see credit-portfolio managers responding to these changes?

CPM is extremely well positioned to be able to respond to the challenges of the environment. The financial-services sector is generally experiencing increased costs — a trend that is likely to continue as the new regulatory frameworks are progressively implemented. The cost of credit and the cost of funding are two key areas being affected for many of our members. CPM is, though, at the center of much of the decision making, whether at a transaction level or at the more holistic franchise level, and that is a strong position to be in. (read more…)