Unemployment taxes are on the rise; surprising places to learn about management; and a woman walks 3,000 miles on a whim.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief for CFOs:

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Naps and healthy snacks are part of the ideal workplace; how to deal with a bad boss; and five things that bosses should keep quiet about.

It’s all in this week’s top five most-clicked links in SmartBrief for CFOs:

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Nick BrewerNick Brewer manages 29 products for SunGard. As vice president of global banking solutions for the firm’s banking business, Brewer has his finger on the pulse of how technology is shaping modern banking. SmartBrief caught up with Brewer at Sibos 2011 and asked for his insight on trends related to tech spending, mobile banking and social media.

What do you think of the way mobile banking is taking shape?

I see it as three separate things. It’s all called mobile banking, but it is actually three different things.

One is the mobile workforce, so getting your loan officers out in the field, helping them not be tied to a desk. And it is even mobile within the branch, having tablet applications so you can walk around and talk to people.

The second one is what I would call additive mobile banking. Broadly, it is for developed markets where everybody has an Internet banking account already, and now they want to do it on their phone. (read more…)

The proposed merger of NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse could have a profound impact on Clearstream. Clearstream is part of Deutsche Boerse Group and is one of Europe’s leading providers of post-trade services. SmartBrief caught up with Clearstream CEO Jeffrey Tessler on the sidelines of Sibos 2011 and asked him about the merger and other issues affecting markets.

Positives aspects of the proposed merger

“The market is continuing to search for ways to take the risk out of the transaction. If we were having this conversation in 2008, we would have thought trust would be back by 2011. It’s not. The market needs more of these solutions that can only come from integrated organizations.” (read more…)

Brian Traquair, SunGardBasel III and reform of the over-the-counter derivatives market continue to be hot topics in the financial-services industry. At this week’s Sibos 2011 conference, SmartBrief sat down with Brian Traquair, president of SunGard’s capital-markets business, to get his take on how the reform is taking shape.

What is your assessment of Basel III?

In terms of ratios, the hit on capital is going to be immense. It varies by product. For things such as structured products, most of the clients we talk to don’t see how they can keep doing that in the bank with the imposition of the capital that is required. The capital is going to be so tied up that if you combine that with the likely initial margin for the OTC derivatives clearing space, the combination of those two things is just a huge squeeze play. In order to try to deal with that, you are going to have to restructure what you decide to do and not do. (read more…)