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I need to “break up” with a business partner. Beyond the legal considerations, what can I do to approach this delicate situation successfully?

yec_Matt Doyle1. Be as honest as possible

This is always a hard situation, but nothing makes it harder on the person being let go than not getting honesty from the person they’ve fought beside and endured the same hardships with. Let them know exactly why they can’t be a part of this anymore, and have evidence to back it up. Those who truly cared about the business will often see reason.…

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path to workforce
SmartBlog on Education this month is exploring 21st-century teaching and learning. Join us for original content in which experts explore the trends and highlight best practices that can help prepare students for their future worlds of work and living.

For many students, preparing for college and career readiness requires a shift in attitude concerning both academic skills and interpersonal skills. It’s easy for us, as educators, to sometimes forget about life beyond our own classroom, as we are all responsible for teaching state benchmarks, meeting content expectations and preparing for high stakes standardized tests. However, everything we do and how we do it, profoundly affects our student’s college and career readiness in some way, shape or form. As such, it is essential that we intentionally model rigor, vigor, passion and purpose to help guide our students into their future endeavors, be it college, vocational institutes, the military or a direct path to workforce.…

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Aon’s most recent “Trends in Global Employee Engagement” reprises a familiar refrain:

“Companies continue to struggle with providing growth opportunities for employees and other top engagement drivers. Career opportunities is the top engagement driver globally; however, positive perceptions surrounding this driver have fallen 3 points, to 44%”

Yet again, organizations, talent professionals and leaders have to face the hard data and hard reality that we’ve still not cracked the code on what matters most to employees: career opportunities. It’s not for lack of effort. Companies are investing extraordinary resources in skills training, portals, online systems and processes designed to make this happen. And it all falls short. Here’s why.

Dated definitions: We continue to hold tightly to and perpetuate the illusion that career development operates via the old career ladder, which (in days gone by) allowed for the regular, progressive and consistent movement upward toward increasingly desirable positions. Unfortunately, the ladder no longer exists.…

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SmartBrief video ad

SmartBrief is now offering video ad units in its business-to-business newsletters, an innovation that reflects the advertising industry’s shift toward digital video. The ads are designed to display across e-mail clients and devices and adjust from in-line video to animation or a static image depending on the program used to read the e-mail.

Pre-launch tests show that the video ads outperformed standard display units by an average of 70% and, in some cases, almost 300%. Those findings are in line with overall industry trends, which show that marketers are increasingly embracing video advertising as an effective content marketing and lead generation tool. Two-thirds of brand marketers plan to shift their 2016 ad budgets away from TV to digital video, according to an Interactive Advertising Bureau survey.

“SmartBrief video ads are one more way for marketers to tell their story — and with SmartBrief, marketers know they’re reaching the right audience,” CEO Rick Stamberger says.…

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More than 12,000 teachers, school leaders and ed-tech providers descended on Austin, Texas last week to attend TCEA 2016, held at the Austin Convention Center. Educators, from pre-K through high school and college, attended sessions and crowded the show floor to peruse the latest and greatest technology solutions for learning and instruction.

And SmartBrief was on the ground, covering it all. We bring it to you now in a two-part special edition of Tech Showcase.

Califone demonstrated advanced headsets designed for language learning and game-based learning. The 3068AV headphone has been updated to better support activities for active speaking and listening. The GH507 and the GH131, created for gaming, come with surround sound and microphone-enabled chat features.

Nepris, a cloud-based platform that connects industry professionals to students and teachers, has expanded its focus to include STEAM and created new ways for businesses to partner with schools. Companies can now reach out to teachers and offer sessions on topics that match their expertise.…

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